Women's Wellness
Women;'s Wellness


Accutite can shrink and tighten the inner and outer labia while rejuvenating the skin. This RadioFrequency procedure also increases sensation circulation, and natural lubrication.

Filler or Platelet Rich Plasma

The preferred or recommended infectable will fill out the outer labia, restoring their round, healthy appearance as well as making intercourse more comfortable.


Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is injected in 3 areas:

  • Around the cliterous
  • The "G Spot"
  • Around the urethra

This treatment can naturally heal tissue, increase circulation, and in lubrication and reduce stress incontinence.


Breast Lifting

Morpheus8 will constrict and tighten loose breast tissue while improving skin texture and ton. Platelet Rich Plasma injected in the upper portion of the breasts provides a natural lifting structure while stimulating new healthy skin.


Bumpless Bum

Discreet excision of anal tags allow for cleaner hygiene.