The BLU-U photodynamic therapy device, without the addition of spot treatment products, uses a special blue light, which reduces oil production and destroys the acne bacteria in the skin. Acne elimination requires several sessions. However, the treatment is fast and safe, and performed by our trained aestheticians as part of a complete acne facial.

BLU-U is a noninvasive treatment with many benefits like, decreasing inflammation to the pores, killing the bacteria associated with acne, and, preventing future congestion. Most importantly, BLU-U therapy is FDA approved, making this a safe & effective therapy treatment for most patients and all skin types.

While skin cancer occurs more than any other cancer, it’s also highly treatable, especially when caught early. A single treatment utilizing a topical pretreatment liquid formulation of an FDA approved medication known scientifically as aminolevulinic acid HCl, can eliminate sun damage, pre skin cancers and even early skin cancers. Often medical insurance can help pay for a portion of the treatment.

After completion of a PDT session, some patients will experience light to moderate itching or tingling, prickling or stinging sensations in the affected areas. A few patients may experience a burning sensation, which typically fades away within 24 hours. Most importantly, it is vital to remain away from any sunlit areas for 48 hours to prevent further activation.

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