A basic skin exam is always welcome to our clients. While we do not accept medical insurance, a skin check for skin cancers is always free. If a lesion looks suspicious then a biopsy will be offered at cost, with insurance, if applicable, covering pathology. You may also choose to follow up with a Dermatologists on your health care plan for a second evaluation / biopsy.

General patients are welcome for acne, eczema or other dermatology needs. If a service is performed during the visit then there is typically no charge. However, if a medical visit or refill of medications is all you're seeking then a basic follow-up is charged.



Whether benign, pre-cancerous or possibly cancerous, skin lesions can be properly removed with care taken to maintain complete cosmoses and internal sutures can be placed if needed. After removal, lesions will be sent to pathology. In addition, scar repair, lesion excision, ear lobe repair, as well as urgent laceration repair is available.

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There are multiple types of scars and thus numerous treatments therefore it is necessary to partake in a free consultation to learn about your treatment options. Hypertrophic or Keloid scars often benefit from steroid injection to flatten them and tighten them. Additionally scarring hair loss patches will occasionally benefit in the early stages from steroid injections. ​We are happy to offer these services alone or in conjunction with other treatments.


Frustrated with small purple vessels on your legs? Then book your Sclerotherapy appointment today. Using Asclera or concentrated Sodium Chloride to eliminate small varicose veins and spider veins.
​A complimentary consultation is required prior to treatment to rule out a greater vascular issue.

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cryocorrecy healing
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Cryotherapy is a treatment that uses a method of freezing localized skin cells thus addressing only the affected tissue. Skin lesions, such as benign and pre-cancerous, on the surface can be treated with Cryotherapy. This treatment aims to save the area around the lesion and to reduce the scarring as much as possible.

​Cryotherapy can also be used in a more diffuse distribution to an inflamed area such as acne or a wound to help speed the healing. Premier Medical Spa offers both Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Carbon Dioxide as Cryotherapy options to discuss with your Provider.

A CryoCorrect Treatment can help men and women remove stubborn age spots and sun spots that remain after completing a series of facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments. Before receiving a CryoCorrect Treatment, your skincare provider should individually evaluate if you are an appropriate candidate for treatment.

Each CryoCorrect Treatment lasts between 5-8 seconds.

During a CryoCorrect Treatment the spot or skin tag is quickly frozen and will turn the skin a dark color. This dark color may last between 3-5 days before a scab forms. The scab will slough off between 2-3 weeks, and normal healthy skin will appear. In some cases, the healing process can vary between 4-12 weeks.

Healthy skin typically appears 2-3 weeks after treatment. In some cases, the healing process varies between 4-12 weeks.

CryoCorrect Treatment results can be seen in as little as 1 treatment with visible improvement in spot appearance in as early as 4 weeks. The CryoCorrect Treatment has been clinically proven to be an effective dark spot corrector by completely removing age spots and sun spots. It is also effective and safe for skin tag removal.

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