• Helps see where you're starting from and if your cancer treatment is working.

  • Checks for most types of cancer.

  • Finds cancer cells in your blood and where they come from.

  • Tells how fast cancer might grow or spread.

  • Used when we know where your cancer started.

  • Like OncoTrace, but more details for certain cancers like breast or lung.

  • Also tells how fast cancer might grow or spread.

  • Helps see if your cancer treatment is working.

  • Looks for most types of cancer in your blood.


  • Tells which medicines work best for you.

  • Looks at your cancer cells and how they react to 118 different treatments.

  • Checks how natural treatments work on your cancer.

  • Sees how your body reacts to 53 natural substances.

  • Mix of Onconomics and Onconomics Extracts.

  • Tells which medicines and natural treatments work best for you.

  • Checks how strong your body's defense (immune system) is.

  • Helps pick the best therapy for you.


  • Finds out where your cancer started if we're not sure.
  • Tells how your body uses medicines.

  • Helps choose the best medicine with the least side effects.

  • Finds out if cancer might spread and where.

  • Looks at your cancer's DNA to find the best treatment.

  • Tells if special treatments might help when others don’t.

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