Minimally-Invasive Jaw, Neck & Facial Contouring in Jacksonville, FL

Rejuvenate, Shape and Tighten Skin for a Firmer, More Youthful Neckline & Jawline

Premier Medical Spa is pleased to bring MyEllevate™ Facial Rejuvenation to Jacksonville, FL. MyEllevate™ is an exciting, new minimally-invasive procedure that provides patients with a firmer, more youthful neck and jawline. MyEllevate™ is deal for both men and women who want to lift, shape and refine their jawlines, while tightening and contouring neck and face skin without the invasive surgery of a surgical neck lift.


Unlike thread lifts, MyEllevate™ uses ICLED® light guidance to gently, easily and precisely place a permanent suture system to support and shape the underlying muscles and glands, without traditional incisions. The result is consistent, natural-looking neck, jaw and lower face contouring with minimal-to-no swelling or bruising, and far less risk of muscle or nerve damage that can occur with other procedures.

MyEllevate™ Facial Rejuvenation can be performed quickly (1 hr.), in most cases using local anesthesia, alone. Recovery times are typically short (a few days), results optimal and patient satisfaction, high.

Why MyEllevate™ May Be a Great Option

Natural & Long Lasting

Minimally Invasive

Fast Treatment & Recovery

Shapes, Elevates & Contours Neckline, Jawline & Lower Face

Eliminates Need for Incisions

Restores Youthful Appearance

Results Can Last a Lifetime

Ideal for All Skin Types

Standalone Prodecure or Can Be Used in Conjunction With Other Procedures

Serving All of Jax & Northeast Florida

About MyElleavte™ Facial Rejuvenation: Frequently Asked Questions

MyEllevate™ is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that shapes and rejuvenates the neckline / jawline. It is easily performed by a MyEllevate™ surgeon using local anesthesia. Using the ICLED® light guided suture system, the surgeon places a permanent suture support system without incisions, that immediately elevates and approximates underlying structures with precision.

No. MyEllevate™ is not a facelift or a neck lift. It is an innovative, minimally invasive procedure to contour and restore a smooth jawline while supporting the bands and glands.

No, MyEllevate™ is not a thread lift. It is a different procedure that provides patients with long lasting results utilizing a simpler, easier, less invasive technique.

For most patients MyEllevate™ takes less than an hour to perform. There is typically little, if any bruising and swelling and most people can return to normal activities in a few days.

Yes. MyEllevate™ can be used as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with submental liposuction, chemical lipolysis and/or energy based skin tightening technologies. MyEllevate™ is great to address underlying muscles and glands.

Why Choose Us for Your MyEllevate™ Treatment?

Certified MyEllevate™ Surgeon

Experienced Using the ICLED® Ligth Guide System

Clean and sterile environment

Private, relaxing, comfortable atmosphere

Personalized Treatment Plans

Flexible appointment Ames

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