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Trim, Tone & Tighten with Evolve Next-Gen Thermal Body Contouring

Moms, geIng frustrated with that “lump of love” your precious baby left behind? Men, ready to give up on toning those love handles that never seem to go away, regardless of how hard you work? Evolve is the next generation in body sculpting and is now available in Jacksonville, FL at Premiere Medical Spa. This hands-free solution provides a quick, easy, non-invasive treatment for skin tightening, body toning and fat reduction.

Evolve utilizes radiofrequency technology that has been a standard for non-invasive tightening of skin and fat reduction for years. Forma technology involves massaging areas of the body with a device that heats skin to a level that facilitates tightening. Evolve uses next-gen hands-free Body FX (Body Contouring) technology that enables easier, more effective treatments of larger areas. It also helps tighten skin, but its primary role is to break apart areas of unwanted fat.

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Benefits of Evolve Thermal Body Contouring

Tighten Skin

Reduce Fat & Cellulite

Tone Body

Shape & Improve Body Contour


Safe, Thermal Treatment


No Downtime

Ideal for All Skin Types

Painless, Comfortable Treatment

Quick, Easy Treatment: 30-60 Minutes

Serving All of Jax & Northeast Florida

Three Ways to Reduce Unwanted Fat & Tighten Skin


How Does Evolve Trim Work? Evolve Trim uses Body FX technology, a new long-lasting solution to reduce unwanted fat and cellulite. Six Body FX devices affixed to belts are placed to provide optimal benefit for each patient. The devices create a vacuum enabling uniform application of pulses of energy that break down fat cells in treated areas.

How Many Evolve Trim Treatments Do I need?
One-to-four (1-4) treatments are recommended for most patients. Evolve Trim treatments can also be safely combined with Evolve Tite and/or Evolve Tone treatments, as well.

Who Is a Candidate for Evolve Trim?
• Someone who is of normal or minimally over weight looking to reduce areas of pinch-able fat.
• Best for those with good nutrition and exercise habits but areas of persistent fat or cellulite
• Best for those who need help with their abdomen, waist, thighs and arms

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How Does Evolve Tone Work? Evolve Tone uses electromagnetic energy to contract muscles, resulting in an increase of muscle mass and tone, and tighter feeling muscles. Applicators are placed in the area to be treated leading to visible improvement in the area. Evolve Tone works on three major areas of body shape: fat distribution, skin tone and deep muscle tone. It is not a substitute for exercise but can provide exceptional motivation for a new level of commitment to nutrition and exercise.

How Many Evolve Tone Treatments Do I need?
Evolve Tone programs are customized for every patient. They can also be combined with other Evolve treatments.

Who Is a Candidate for Evolve Tone?
• Best for those with generally good nutrition and exercise habits, but who want to build and tone muscles in certain areas
• Those who want to increase muscle tone and eliminate stagnate fat on their abdomen, buttock, thighs and arms.


How Does Evolve Tite Work? Evolve Tite helps to tighten skin without surgery. It uses as many as eight Forma radiofrequency energy applicators. The devices, which are attached to a belt, are strategically placed in strategic pattern in the area of the body being treated. They deliver energy to both the skin and the area just below the surface of the skin. Treatments are warm and comfortable. Some liken the sensation to a hot stone massage which can be adjusted, as desired. A series of treatment results in noticeable skin tightening.

How Many Evolve Tite Treatments Do I need?
Most patients enjoy the greatest results when completing a series of one-to-four (1-4) weekly treatments.

Who Is a Candidate for Evolve Tite?
• Someone with mild-to-moderate skin laxity
• Those with generally good nutrition and exercise habits
• Best for those who need help with abdomen, waist buttock, back, thighs and arms
• For those with too much loose or excess skin, surgery may be a more appropriate option but for those with mild-to-moderate looseness, Evolve Tite may be ideal.

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Why Choose Premier Medical Spa for Your Evolve Treatment?

Deeply experienced in all forms of Forma radiofrequency energy treatment

All treatments performed by a licensed, personable Physician

Clean and sterile environment

Private, relaxing, comfortable atmosphere

All treatment plans based on your individual needs

Flexible appointment Ames

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